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Now mobile recharge made easy. Forgot about old concept that every mobile or DTH provider needed a unique recharge option. Now Ecomsolution have power to give your retailer a recharge point of all mobile or DTH connection can recharge any time any amount.
With the beginning of Mobile Recharge System, mobile recharging has become relatively easy and highly cost-effective. The present day technological sophistication presents four methods of One Mobile Recharge solutions; SMS based, GPRS based, System based and POS based solutions. By these unique provisions a retailer is able to recharge all mobile connections including Post Paid bill collections and DTH Services from a one-point recharge source. For doing this he can use his existing mobile and SIM and is not like the usual recharging ways in which, different mobiles and SIMs are used for recharging different service providers. In many of such cases, a balance deposit has to be left with the service provider. In recent times a lot of service providers like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, BSNL, Aircel, Bharti Cellular, Reliance, Spice etc function at a single place; now, with the effectiveness of Ecomsolution Mobile Recharge system the retailer can recharge all types of connections from one mobile itself and Instant recharge.
Now if u want to create your own single mobile recharge will recruit super-distributor,distributor,retaior your own brand name u just contact with us. For details please download the attach file or visit we will provide you Recharge API,Recharge Whitelavel,Lapu base software etc….where you will get three type of profit:-


When you buy Ecomsolution Mobile Recharge system you can create your own single mobile recharge company or recruit retailer. The retailer have to pay a registration amount to you which is the minimum amount that the retailer have to keep with him in order to recharge a customer's phone. This registration amount is the basic profit that is sure to come.

Let us site an example so that things becomes clear:

Let the registration amount be Rs. 500 and let there be 200 retailer points who have taken money from you.

Total registration amount = Rs 500 x 200 = Rs. 1,00,000

So, this 1 lakh rupees is just the registration money which is your basic profit as we have not calculated the original profit.


This is the commission which you gets when you recruit State partner, super-distributer, distributer or a retailer. Every basic retailer earns a commission while recharging his customer's number, the distributer earns more commission than a retailer, super-distributer earns more than a distributer, state-partner earns even more than a super-distributer. In short, the more the money rolls in the market the more commission you earns. The money rolls in various stages to collect the total commission and the whole process is made clear by the help of an example:

Let us divide the commission calculation in 2 category:

Retailer stage & Distributer stage

1.Retailer stage: Suppose you directly recruits a retailer

In most of the cases a retailer gets 3% commission, so if he recharges Rs 100, he gets Rs 3.

Your commission mostly varies from 4% to 5%, let us take the average as 4.5%.

Your turn-over profit percent = 4.5%-3% = 1.5%

Now let us consider you gave a retailer Rs. 1000 daily & there are are 200 retailer points

So, every day you gives Rs 1000 x 200 = Rs 2,00,000 to 200 retailer

Your daily amount of turn-over profit= 1.5% of Rs 2,00,000 = Rs 3000

Your monthly turn-over profit = Rs 3000 x 30 = Rs 90,000

2.Distributer stage: Suppose you recruits a distributer

Let distributer gets 4% commission from a retailer and you gets 4.25% commission from a distributer.

Your turn-over profit percent = 4.25%-4% = 0.25%

Let us suppose that you distributed the money among 10 distributer and each distributer to 200 retailers.

If a retailer gets Rs. 1000 daily,

every day you gives Rs 1000 x 200 x 10 = Rs 20,00,000 to 200 retailer.

Your daily amount of turn-over profit = 0.25% of Rs 20,00,000 = Rs 5000

Your monthly turn-over profit = Rs 5000 x 30 = Rs 1,50,000

When you recruit retailer and distributer at the same time then your monthly turnover = Rs 1,50,000 + Rs 90,000 = Rs 2,40,000

Even if you cuts employee costing say Rs 50,000 still your monthly income remained Rs 2,40,000 - Rs 50,000 = Rs 1,90,000

Apart form the commission, if you considers the registration charge only(say Rs 200) that you earns from 10 distributors (under whom there are 200 retailers) then your total registration charge will be

Rs 200 x 200 x 10 = Rs 4,00,000


When you buy Ecomsolution Mobile Recharge system you can create your own single mobile recharge company or recruit state-partner, super-distributor, distributor, retailer etc.Now consider that you have recharged money form some service providers like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, BSNL, Aircel, Bharti Cellular, Reliance, Spice etc say Rs 10,000 from 10 such service providers so you have Rs 1,00,000 now.

Let us suppose you recruited a state- partner and he want from you Rs 10,00,000 balance….can you give it? Yes you can give it, because the balance which you are giving to state partner is from our software created amount which has no connection with service provider balance. Service provider balance will reduce when the recharge will be done by the retailer. Let the state-partner recruits a super-distributer and fund him Rs 20,000 the super-distributer recruits a distributer and fund him Rs 10,000 and finally the distributer recruits a retailer and fund him Rs 5,000. Now when the retailer recharge Rs 1000, then only your Rs 1000 will cut from the Airtel sim balance. Before recharge the amount which is transferring to state partner or to distributer or retailer is virtual…… this is the magic of virtual balance.

Another benefit is that the whole balance you have taken from service providers are not rolled in one day. You can roll only a small percentage of your balance per day and get the money back whenever customers make the recharge from your distributed money. You can give this money back to service providers and the majority of the balance remains with you which is your profit. As a example if you distribute 20lakh balance in the market, and your daily recharge is maximum 5lakh which means rather 15lakh amount will remain in your hand and you can invest the amount anywhere………

So if you want to setup your own business or if you want to take retailor,distributorship then please contact with us. thank you


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How its work:
One mobile recharge system is a PC based system that enables recharge outlets using E-recharge SIMs or Internet for recharging, to extend their services through remote agents apart from recharging for Walk in customers. The remote agents registered with the system can send recharge requests to one mobile recharge system through a simple SMS. Remote agents do not need E-recharge SIMs or GPRS handsets. Recharge is carried out automatically by the system after receiving the requests and responses are sent back through SMS. Single mobile recharge software is highly configurable and provides a host of powerful features to extend your reach grow your recharging business and manage it better.
Walk in Customers – The request is entered in the computer. Single mobile recharge software automatically recharges the request. Requests can be queued up in the system. Provision exists to issue receipts to customer if printer is attached.
Remote Customers – The remote agent sends the customer mobile number and the amount by SMS to PERS. The system checks the authenticity of the remote agent and his available balance. It does the recharge automatically and sends a confirmation SMS to the remote agent with his latest balance and transaction ID received from network.

  • 1 line to 99 line expandable - Can support all operators
  • GSM / CDMA terminals are connected to PC through USB or serial ports
  • Supports prepaid Recharge, Balance transfer, Post paid payment, DTH recharge,Top up and Activation operations
  • Operations supported through
    • E-recharge SIM
    • Pin transfer
    • SMS to operator
    • USSD message to operator
    • Internet
  • Unlimited remote agent ,distributer, super distributer, master distributer accounts
  • Credit / Debit operation
  • Facility to assign Account wise/operator wise/operation wise commission
  • Simultaneous recharge on all lines
  • Ultra fast recharging (within 9 sec recharge complete)
  • Recharge Search
  • Bulk activation / Bulk recharge
  • Checks recharge Success/Failure automatically. Can assign manually also
  • Can create field officer accounts
  • Remote payment collection and entry by field officer
  • Through sms new retailer activation
  • Through sms service provider deactivation
  • Through sms balance withdrawal facility
  • Thorough sms any one can deactivate his down level
  • Get original tran. Id of operator
  • Long code and bulk sms supported
  • FRC commission and special voucher commission automatic debases
  • Welcome sms customization
  • Any confirmation sms also customized
  • Any third party recharge sim also connected for recharge
  • Thorough sms auto complain generate and after solve the complain the person will get the intimation also
  • Low balance sms intimation on sim
  • Any problem in any operator admin will get intimation on sms
  • Lavel customization is on your hand
  • Operator code select by admin
  • Actibation balance can also set
  • Sim activation commission also debases automatic
  • Min balance maintain customization
  • Wrong sms format intimation
  • User friendly reports
    • Operator wise recharge report
    • Account wise recharge report
    • Status wise recharge report
    • Payment report
    • Balance report
    • Account statement etc
    • Graphically report
  • Facility to send Bulk SMS
  • Facility to make voice calls
  • Facility to check Recharge Balance / SIM Balance of all operators
  • Automatic data back up

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  • 24X365 Services
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